Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Convert Asf To Mpg

File menu, render media file
open your ASF file
one line is the audio stream, the other is the video stream
if You follow them along to the end, You have a default sound device, and a video renderer
if You hit play at this point, the ASF file Will play
delete these two boxes, so that the 'chains' end in 2 different xform outputs
graph menu, insert filters, + next to video compressors, Microsoft video 1
insert filter button, close button
go to the start of the 'chain', and grab the filter You just added. Drag this along to the end of the 'chain'
Drag the xform out on the Microsoft MPEG-4 video decompressor to the input on the Microsoft video 1 filter, the 'chain' Will rearrange itself so its nice and straight
graph menu, insert filters, - next to video compressors, + next to direct show filters
scroll down to the AVI mux filter, select it, and press the insert filters button, then the close button
Drag the xform out from the windows media audio decoder to the input 01 on the AVI mux filter
Drag the output from the Microsoft video 1 filter to the the input 02 on the AVI mux filter
graph menu, insert filters, scroll down to the file writer filter in the netshow section, insert filter and close the dialog
don't forget to give your output file a filename
close the insert filters dialog box
Drag the file writer filter along to the end of the 'chain'
Drag the AVI out on the AVI mux to the input on the file writer filter
You have just built the filter graph for converting the ASF file to an AVI file
to execute your filter graph, click the small play button (triangle) in the tool bar. This may take some time to complete
Your AVI file is now finished
if the compression or the quality isn't good enough, You can go back a few steps and change the codecs used before the inputs on the AVI mux filter. This means use a different video filter such as Microsoft RLE
to convert your AVI file to .Mpg or MPEG format, use the Xing MPEG encoder available from


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